Perseverance Pays Off!

I truly believe that the number one skill that any small business owner needs to have is perseverance.  There’s certainly a ton of other terms for perseverance such as persistence, tenacity, iron-clad will, etc, etc.  The underlying concept, however, no matter what term is used, is one’s ability to overcome adversity and not give up on your goals.

We all get into business for a variety of reasons.  The reasons could be self-fulfillment, making the world a better place, taking over a family legacy, and/or, of course, making money!  No matter what business vehicle you choose, there is one major obstacle that ALL business owners, big or small, face.  And when I say ALL, I literally mean, ALL.  the one obstacle that all business owners face is simple: adversity.

Whether it’s handling employees, creating enough profit (big one), dealing with legal issues, or juggling work life balance, every business owner has to go through the “grind.”  A lot of people usually associate “grind,” when it comes to building big muscles at the gym, or losing weight, or playing sports, or engaging in some activity that’s physically demanding.  While it’s very true that you’ll have to push yourself and persevere in sports and in any physically demanding activity, I truly believe that the biggest obstacles we face in life are the ones inside of our head.

Our biggest challenges come from our mental and emotional roadblocks.  In my opinion, I think business owners, out of any profession, have to overcome the biggest mental challenges because the success of the business is ultimately in their hands.  There’s certainly a ton of obstacles (too many to name) that entrepreneurs have to face, and that’s why one’s ability to persist and overcome those challenges is the most important skill to have.  If you can learn to fail, get back up, fail, and then get back up one more time, you can overcome just about any problem that comes your way.