Hiring Friends to Help You Out

With the small business world being so competitive in contemporary times, it’s more important now more than ever, to hire the right staff.  In order to stay competitive in the marketplace, especially against the multi-billion dollar corporations out there, small business owners HAVE to be on their A-game.  It’s not just a luxury to deliver great customer service and quality products, it’s now a necessity for financial survival!

The quality of products will always be there (I know, I know, for some businesses it’s never there) for small businesses assuming their product is decent. On the other hand, the quality of service is something that can be volatile especially if you’re involved in an industry where attrition is organically high.  How does an entrepreneur in the smaller markets find good help?  Hiring reliable employees is definitely no cake-walk; it’s not like taking a magical diet pill and suddenly getting the result you want.  There are certainly a number of ways to hiring good employees, but one method which is often overlooked is that of hiring friends and family.

Hiring family

There are definitely a lot of advantages to hiring friends and family.  One of the advantages is that there’s a level of trust.  When it comes to hiring random strangers, it might take some time before you can fully trust and understand your employees; with friends and family you don’t have to worry about that.  Another advantage is the fact that it could save you A LOT of money.  Many businesses claim that payroll or paying for independent contractors is their biggest expense.  It’s very likely that your loved ones would be willing to get paid less in exchange for their services because they genuinely care about you and want to help you!  Also, and I’m definitely no expert by any means, but there are some tax benefits to hiring family.


Last, but certainly not least, working with those you love can be a ton of fun!  If you love spending time with someone, working together to accomplish productive tasks on a professional level could be a great way to deepen your relationship.

The bottom line: before spending tons of money to seek the right help, it might be worth your while to look at your list of friends and family.  You might surprise yourself when you find out how great they are as employees!  🙂